Don't put up with Varicose Veins!

They CAN be treated – simply and effectively

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Varicose veins? Trust a specialist for treatment

Varicose veins are often considered by doctors as a relatively “trivial” problem, yet the fact is they can cause significant difficulties for patients: aching, swelling and discomfort of the legs, particularly when you’ve been standing for a long time is no joke. And over time the condition gets worse. What starts out as an unattractive appearance with time can prgress to permanent unsightly brown staining of the skin, itchiness and rash and finally skin ulcers that are very difficult to heal.

The good news though is that varicose veins can be very effectively treated. You really don’t have to put up with the discomfort and poor cosmetic appearance they give.

And better still, although in the past treatment often involved extensive surgery there are now many newer and less invasive treatments available. These can often be performed as a day-case procedure getting you up and about right away after treatment. And if you have thread veins they can often be treated in the clinic itself.

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